The Pioneer Spirit

Our story is one of a pioneering spirit, sparked by the innovation of the Gold Cup football, a -lace-less marvel that forever changed the game. Born in Shenfield, Essex, Spall Sports emerged from a desire to challenge the status quo and to elevate the sports experience.


Champions Choice

Championed by legends and loved by fans, the Spall brand became synonymous with excellence. The endorsement by iconic athletes like Bobby Moore solidified our reputation and also propelled us to expand our vision to sportswear.


The Golden Era

Dominating the fields with over 50 professional football clubs donning Spall kits, Spall became a beacon of quality and performance. Our involvement in memorable sports victories, such as Wimbledon FC’s 1988 FA Cup triumph, is a testament to our legacy.

Empowering Women

Spall made a groundbreaking impact on women's sportswear by sponsoring the England Ladies International Squad at Wembley Stadium. This pivotal moment marked Spall's commitment to advancing women's athletics and influencing the era's sportswear landscape significantly.

The Wolves' bond with Spall Bespokesports Wear in the 1980s showcased iconic kits reflecting their spirit. Together, they adorned the pitch, leaving an enduring legacy in British football fashion.

In clinching the 1987 FA Cup under manager Don Mackay, Blackburn Rovers epitomized skill and determination. Their iconic kits, meticulously crafted by Spall Bespokesports Wear, symbolized the perfect blend of performance and style during this historic triumph in English football.


The highly acclaimed midfielder, Les Briley, gained a reputation for scoring extraordinary goals throughout his Lions career. As part of the Legends Tour, Les Briley will journey down memory lane, recounting his own stories and experiences of playing for the club in the 1980s.


Our new facility is equipped with the latest in sock manufacturing technology, ensuring precision at every stage of the production process. From yarn selection to knitting and finishing, our advanced machinery guarantees the creation of sport socks that meet the highest industry standards.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation prints are not only vibrant but also durable. The colours are embedded into the fabric fibres, offering excellent colourfastness even after numerous washes. Your sublimated garments maintain their brilliance, ensuring a lasting visual impact.

Sublimation Transfer Press

Sublimation Transfer Pressing is where art comes to life. Transform your designs into dynamic, wearable masterpieces with a process that captures every detail, ensuring vibrant, full-colour reproductions that leap off the fabric.

Sportswear Laser Cutting

A sportswear Laser cutting system uses cutting-edge technology to craft sportswear with precision and efficiency. It can create intricate designs and precise cuts on various fabrics, catering to the needs of designers and manufacturers. With its advanced capabilities, it streamlines production, reduces waste, and improves overall product quality.